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Business Case One

RPA Opportunity Client On Boarding (Banking & Finance Operations)


To automate the following key areas using RPA:
There is an opportunity to automate the posting of Corporate Action Header elections into in house applications. These election events are currently processed manually by the On boarding Team and include

  • New account openings/closings
  • Investment Manager adds/updates
  • Standing Instructions
  • Proxy updates

Proposed Solution

Apply Robotics in the following way:

  • Retrieve client elections for corporate actions from election request tool for events including account openings, investment manager updates & Standing Instructions.
  • Evaluate the reasonability of the election request based on existing client set up.
  • Detect and escalate unreasonable requested updates
  • Update the required system headers necessary to install the elections and ensure expected processing
  • Provide reports to the relevant stakeholders following successful processing.

Business Area

  • Business On Boarding and Transitions (BOaT)

Success Metric

  • Reducing onboarding time
  • Reduction in count of manual entry errors
  • Reduce FTE and OT
  • Reduced count of material operating losses


  • All event types/processes need to be available for extraction from the database to ensure full benefit realization
  • The system needs to manage large fluctuations in daily volume


  • $125,594 in cost reduction through 2 FTE elimination and OT reduction
  • Reduction of losses due to manual errors (aggregation of $25k + loss events in past 12 months exceeds $

RPA Costs

One Time

  • Development $170,344
  • IT Governance $55,656
  • Vendor & Application Support $48500

Recurring (Annual)

  • Maintenance & Support $37,500
  • License Cost (Cost Per Bot is $13,500)
  • Total Benefits: 1,425,594/Year
  • Total Costs: $365,999
    ($91,500 per year)
  • ROI: Year 1 -- $536,343
    Year (2,3..) -- $1,334,094

Georgia, US

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Sales: 770-634-8567

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