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Business Case Two

RPA Opportunity Credit Risk Monitoring (Banking & Finance Operations)


The Risk Monitoring Center of Excellence (CoE) must evaluate all cash payments that result in a fund overdraft and take the appropriate action prior to allowing the cash to leave the fund. This includes all payments that leave Demand Deposit Accounts (DDA) in all geographic regions.

The team must also support this service six days a week, 24 hours a day. There are large components of this work that can be converted to business rules and automated without disrupting the non based work.

Proposed Solution

Apply Robotics in the following way:

  • Retrieve Suspended cash payments due to fund overdraft and calculate amount based on specific business rules
  • Submit a request to the necessary stakeholders to approve coverage of the overdraft amounts stakeholders and clear accounts or request additional approval from the Risk Monitoring Team
  • Provide reports to the relevant stakeholders following successful processing.

Business Area

  • Capture and Settlesec & cash transactions

Success Metric

  • Reduce average cycle time to evaluate and release payments halted by reasonability controls
  • Reducing Fraud by tighter controls and less manual entry
  • Reduction in count of manual entry errors


  • The solution will feature an exchange between bots and humans and although the bots do not error, there is a need to account for exceptions that occur due to human error
  • Metrics will be hard to collate due to the dependency on waiting for approvals from the business teams and approvers.


  • $416,000 in cost reduction through 8 FTE elimination (52k per FTE)

RPA Costs

One Time

  • Development $170,344
  • IT Governance $55,656
  • Vendor & Application Support $48500

Recurring (Annual)

  • Maintenance & Support $37,500
  • License Cost (Cost Per Bot is $13,500)
  • Total Benefits: $416,000/Year
  • Total Costs: $420,000
    ($108,000 per year)
  • ROI: Year 1 -- $4,000
    Year (2,3..) -- $308,000

Georgia, US

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Sales: 770-634-8567

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